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NEWS OF THE DAY (18/05/2008):

After a long period of absence, I'm back to complete my website with a text entitled Luck or misfortune?.

As far as the translation of the next texts and reflexions is concerned, I think it will be done...some day! I'm a little (a lot? often?) lazy. So I'll probably only translate short texts, for the longer and more complicated one, I'll do it some time in the future, according to my motivation !




I invite every visitor to check the following site (in French):


This site in an anarchist/antifascist website. You will find on this site numerous excellent analyses on many topics. The interest of this site, even for people who are deeply fond of capitalism, is precisely to discover new ways of thinking. Ways of thinking that goes very far, maybe too far sometimes, but ways of thinking that offer the advantage of enabling the reader to open up, to become aware more easily of the world we live in, and to decide what we want to do with such a world, be it to keep living in our materialistic world or to change path, it’s up to every reader.
And what is a better way to understand the world and its complexity than reading every kind of document, including books, articles, websites, etc., whose exposed viewpoints confirm or contradict our beliefs?

I invite every visitor to read this website in order to open up their mind as well as to discover the arguments against capitalism, amongst others, arguments some may deem false, or to reinforce their views for those who, like me, tend to back away from capitalism out of disgust/disillusionment.
This will be function of everyone’s sociopolitical sensitivity.

Obviously, and as I say in the previous paragraph, I agree with most of the views expressed on this website. Most of this website’s articles express what I think and feel better than I could put it myself on my website.
But reading No Pasaran’s website doesn’t prevent me from having subscribed to Newsweek, an American weekly newspaper that, although more open than the average redneck, remains pro-capitalism, and from having read and liked a book written by an ultraliberal African-American two years ago (as it was 2 years ago, I don’t remember the title or the author of this interesting book).

It is precisely this curiosity, this versatility that makes people interesting and that enables them to be themselves, autonomous, aware, in control of their life, and to be able to enjoy their free will as much as they can.
If we want to go forward, we have to multiply information sources, each piece of information being biased and subjective, contrary to what journalists working for famous media try to make us believe.

A few years back, during a job interview, after having read my résumé, the recruiting agent told me I was paradoxical. Why? Simply because I have a baccalauréat S (the high school diploma, the S stands for Scientific), a DUT (Technological University Diploma) in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computering, and because at the time of the job interview I was taking a class to obtain a diploma in translation, this being my job now. The recruiting agent was utterly surprised that a scientific mind could become a literary one! What a turn of event!!! How can such a thing happen? Well, simply because each individual doesn’t fit in only one box, and even though quite often a scientific mind has trouble with literature and a literary mind has trouble with mathematics, both are not incompatible with each other! The fact that at 15 I stuck on myself the label “Scientific mind” because I followed the path in which I performed best, the path I liked the most (I didn’t like reading at that time), and the pathway to success, employment and money according to my father, doesn’t mean that, after some years, I can’t add another label, be interested in languages and in psychology, and become a Buddhist! Science taught me rigor in my work, a kind of Cartesian way of thinking, a square and factual way of seeing and analysing things, while literature, via English (I translate professionally from English to French), opened my mind to the outside world, made me discover the pleasure of reading, of learning, and of knowledge, in order to have material and topics, to analyse, and things to discuss about.

I invite no one to become an anarchist, I’m not preaching, especially because I am not an anarchist myself, I force no one to visit from A to Z No Pasaran website, and I advise against taking each word written in this website as the Truth. What I wish, I say it once again, is that every individual could make the effort of reading parts of it, more precisely its Analyses section, in order to raise their head out of the TV and radio information flow, in which you never, or almost never, hear non-mainstream viewpoints, i.e. viewpoints that are not common, ready-made, preconceived, and already agreed on by the one receiving the information.

More generally, I wish that every one could make the effort to look for different sources of information, of music, of reading, of sport, of TV show, of film, of clothes, of food, etc., so as to have a better understanding of the world in all its diversity, and so as to have a better understanding of themselves, to develop their mind, to be richer, for their own well-being and happiness, and the ones of their environment (in the broad sense of the word, i.e. "what surrounds us").

I wish every one could become active, move towards the information, towards others, take back the control of each part of their life and stop opting for the easy way, letting systematically the media, the society, their close ones or anything/anybody else impose their choices on them.

As a matter of fact, my aversion is not as much to the media (TV, newspapers, radio, the internet) as it is for the use made of them. Because media do allow us to find out what happens all over the world and to entertain ourselves after a very bad day or when we are bored at home on a rainy, cold Sunday afternoon. If the medias can lead to openness and knowledge, its massive and commercial use leads to levelling down of knowledge, culture, tastes and intelligence. However, originally, it is such a beautiful tool! It saddens me to see that capitalism, and communism in other societies, completely perverted it.

Anyway, read, talk with each other, everywhere, all the time, always, take an interest in as many things as possible, multiply the number of documents you read and of discussions you have in which you agree or disagree with the topic. Don’t spend time reading only things you agree with, although it will increase your knowledge of one topic, it will only narrow your mind.

I am going to finish this foreword with the following words I cut out from the readers’ comments page of the West Australian 2 years ago. This text never leaves my wallet.
This is an American Cree Indian prophecy:

Only after the last tree has been cut down,
Only after the last river has been poisoned,
Only after the last fish has been caught,
Only then you will find that money cannot be eaten


January 11, 2008






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November 1, 2007

I declare my website open !!!!!

Awesome, you might say. You've created your own website, terrific, but what is there in it for me?

Well, the goal of this website is particularly seflish, since it aims at sharing my thoughts, texts I liked, my likes and dislikes, my musical discoveries, etc. I've been having this urge for quite some time now to share my views about the world. I could have written a book or create a simple blog, but I chose to create my own website, which is easier to correct than a book and gives more freedom regarding the layout than a blog. Besides, i don't want just a blog to share my everyday life, I need to dig much deeper than that and share my views about the world we live in, society, life, death, religion, news, my thoughts about a text, a song, a phrase heard here or there.

In other words, it's simply my expression wall that will, let's be ambitious, some may say condescending, make the reader think. Please don't hesitate to tell me what you think, to give me a feedback of any kind, be it a language related problem (I translate everything myself from the French version), or your viewpoint about something I wrote, even if it's to contradict me!

For this, go to the Contact section of this site.

On this website, you'll find a blog (despite what I said above), texts I've found interesting, which is why I've commented them, my musical discoveries, a photo album at some point in the future, and, most importantly, the reason why I decided to make this site - as I said above - my thoughts and analyses about everything.

Have a nice time on Fushichô.com !


I took the liberty to include texts and music tracks on this website without any consideration regarding the intellectual property rights and copyrights.

With this website, I don't intend to make any illegitimate profit of any kind, I only intend to share these works of art because I value them and refer to them to illustrate my thoughts and viewpoints.

If you are the author of one of these works of art and don't want them to appear on this website, contact me.

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